NetHack 64 bit vs iNetHack 32 bit

As we all know, NetHack needs a 64 bit environment to run properly 😉 I just spent two days trying to bootstrap some files for iNetHack on my only recently upgraded snow leopard machine (a process which was working fine with leopard) when in my desperation I started to compare struct sizes:

struct version_info {
unsigned long incarnation; /* actual version number */
unsigned long feature_set; /* bitmask of config settings */
unsigned long entity_count; /* # of monsters and objects */
unsigned long struct_sizes; /* size of key structs */

iPhone Sim: 16 bytes
iPod Touch: 16 bytes
Snow Leopard: 32 bytes

Yeah, told you so 🙂

This very probably still leaves some structure alignment differences between sim and device, since they don’t share bones very well, though they both operate on the same byte alignment (little endian).

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