New UI (with all its bugs) or iNetHack-like shortcuts?

So you’ve played the Slash’EM iPhone port. Some have noticed that it contains bugs 🙂 Many of them are very hard to get rid of. It’s certainly not impossible but maybe a little impractical for a port. The reason is that the UI builds and sends keyboard macros to the core, like ‘Tc’ to take off ‘c’. Can lead to weird behavior if you’re not wearing anything else and ‘c’ is uncursed. Or if you die just after the core has processed ‘T’ you just skipped the DYWYPI prompt (I can’t thoroughly explain it but I’ve experienced similar situations).

The alternative is to get back to a shortcut system. Maybe refine the way to build your own on-the-fly (which would then be subject to the bugs just mentioned though). Maybe even leave that out to avoid those bugs. Some Slash’EM features can remain (e.g. the context menu seems quite stable if you omit direct item interaction).

What would you prefer? Please leave your vote in the poll to-left!

5 thoughts on “New UI (with all its bugs) or iNetHack-like shortcuts?

  1. Anonymous

    Personally, I much preferred the iNetHack system because it’s a lot more like playing a normal game of NetHack. I find that I actually think in terms of the uual NetHack shortcuts when I’m playing, so it feels a lot more natural to engage something that means “T” in order to take off some armor than it does to go into the inventory and click a “disrobe” button. It requires a lot less mental adjustment that way. I always felt the most elegant thing about iNetHack was that you could, at any point, just hit the “abc” button and use whatever keyboard commands you wanted as normal. Without it it doesn’t feel like playing NetHack as much is it does playing a NetHack-like game through an imperfect translator.

    Regardless of what you choose, thanks a lot for your ork on this project!

  2. Jason

    I agree with the first response entirely and would simply add that allowing Bluetooth keyboard support would be great.

  3. Retrolum

    A few days ago I started with Slash’em and must say that I _love_ the UI / controls. I understand the problems which arise with the macro system – probably there is a way to combine both systems? I see the most value in tapping the character and get a list with all possible options (Eating a corpse, looking at a pile of stuff etc. etc.)

    A bit offtopic, but: Would it be possible to include hearse in Slash’em too?
    Thanks for your work, reminds me to make another donation!

  4. Dirk

    I’m already too deep into the next iNetHack to deal with Slash’EM hearse right now, but the next Slash’EM cycle will come.

    And thanks for your donation.


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