Another Age of iNetHack

Another Age of iNetHack has come
And a great unified UI shall be forged
To emerge from the fiery depths
And control them all.

16 thoughts on “Another Age of iNetHack

  1. Dirk

    In any of the ports #quit should work (extended command). The iHacks have it under #ext, iNetHack 1.3 under #.

  2. hippieatheart

    Dirk –

    I just recently downloaded iNethack for my new iPhone, and I want to thank you for porting this. Excellent job, and this is just about the perfect iPhone game.

    I did have a couple questions for you, though, and the support link in the iTunes store brought me here. Should I just post my questions here, or is there another way you’d prefer to be contacted?

  3. hippieatheart

    Okay…a couple questions…

    1) Is there a way to change your name from “Mobile User”?

    2) How can you split a stack of items?

    3) Is engraving “Elbereth” disabled, or was I just doing it wrong?

    I’m an old nethack player (ascended 2-3 characters quite a few years ago), so I don’t know if these are issues with the port, or if I’m just not doing things correctly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. Dirk

    1) iNetHack has entries in the global settings app, including player name
    2) With ‘d’ you can swipe on stacked items and give an amount
    3) Menu -> Actions -> Engrave -> Hands or ‘E’ via keyboard works

    If you’ve already ascended anyway I’d recommend Slash’EM btw 🙂

  5. hippieatheart

    Thanks for the help, Dirk. Would you mind clarifying a couple of your answers?

    2) Not sure I follow what you mean by swiping stacked items. Any time I use ‘d’ (either through the shortcut at the bottom, or through the keyboard) it never gives me an option to specify a number. For example, if I have a stack of 5 rations in item slot F, and wanted to split them into a stack of 2 and 3, I would enter “d2f” to drop 2 of the rations, but immediately after typing ‘d’, it goes straight to my inventory. Am I doing something wrong?

    3) I’ve been able to engrave things, but the one time I tried engraving “Elbereth” to get a breather, it said that I got a message saying I couldn’t engrave the last letter, ‘h’, or something like that. Some of the resources I’ve found online say that the ability to engrave “Elbereth” has been disabled in some versions of the game, and I was just wondering if you knew if that, specifically, was disabled.

    Oh, and I may give Slash’EM a try…though since I’m playing on my phone and checking FAQs and such is a bit of a pain, playing something a bit more familiar has a certain appeal.

    Thanks again!

  6. Dirk

    2) When you see the inventory after ‘d’ you can swipe on a stack (left or right) and you’ll be asked for an amount to drop. Hope that makes it clearer.
    3) E-word is fully supported. What you have written sounds a lot like you tried it with an ordinary weapon. If you use your fingers there’s a high chance of getting it right in one turn (the rest I don’t want to spoil).

  7. Anonymous

    How about a Dungeon Crawl Stonesoup Port?
    Best roguelike ever to me, even bought a book
    to develop myself.
    But learning objective C is too slow for an amateur like me who only used C++ before 🙁
    Is there any plans for porting DCSS for the iPhone?

  8. Dirk

    The main obstacle I see with DCSS is the lua scripting, both with performance and app store rules. Btw if you have a solid background in C++ then Obj-C shouldn’t take long. Mastering the APIs is much more time consuming, and they are changing all the time.

  9. hippieatheart

    Dirk –

    Thanks for the clarifications. I’m still new to my iPhone and didn’t know what you meant by “swiping.” Tried it now and it works great.

    Also, thanks for the tip on the E-word…I figured I was probably doing something wrong.

  10. Gatefold313

    I have a question about Hearse support on iNetHack 1.3. Besides enabling Hearse, putting in an email, and a user name is there anything else I need to do to start sharing/receiving bones files? I know that you have to get to at least the 4th level of the dungeons before you can leave a bones file and even then it is not guaranteed to happen all the time. Do I only start getting files after I leave a bones file? Does my wifi have to be connected at the time of my death or when I start the app? Pardon me if I’m missing something obvious but the idea of getting other players ghosts really has me perturbed that I haven’t figured this out yet.

    I also would like to take the time to say that I love both iNetHack and Slash’EM. I can’t wait to see the update on the iNetHack UI and hope that when you release it you might consider making the UI and Hearse standard for both apps. I personally like the extra race/class options with Slash’EM.

  11. Dirk

    Hearse is running at the start and needs a connection to work. Iirc there’s a hearse log accessible from the main menu, that should help identifying issues. This particular version tries to get bones even if you haven’t uploaded any yet, but it’s up to the server in the end to grant that.

  12. Gatefold313

    Thank you for answering my question. I did find the hearse log and have already found a couple of ghosts.


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