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NetHack on iPhone (iNetHack): Ready for download (or not)

Update: The link is live. I was just able to install it over the air.

So, just received that it’s “ready for sale” (which really means for free download in this case). The thing is that I can’t find it in the store. Maybe it takes time for the AppStore to pick it up …

Anyway, here’s the link:
iNetHack (iTunes)
Drop a comment if you’re able to install it.

You can access the iNetHack source code (which I will upload this week end, I have to migrate from a private repository) at this google code project.

Please be aware of the already existing issues and feel free to add your own.

Contributions of patches are welcome!

iNetHack Final Screenshots

I think I’m not allowed to talk about anything at the moment, but I wanted to give you some really good dreams in the coming nights 🙂

And btw., I’m in urgent need of a good NetHack logo, png preferred, in 57×57 and 512×512 🙂 The one I’m currently using (from the Qt port I think) is 128×128 only, and I need the 512×512.

I’m serious about this. If I don’t get one by tomorrow noon I’ll have to do it myself. And it won’t be pretty.

iNetHack (iPhone NetHack Port) Progress Report

Just got automatic save/restore working, I consider this as a personal milestone 🙂

The game is now playable, what is lacking in commands can be compensated with the built-in keyboard, except for extended commands which need implementation.

Current showstoppers (implementation needed before release, lack of which might even hinder ascension):

  • Extended commands ✓
  • Character creation UI ✓
  • Main screen ✓ (sort of, using NetHack’s native mechanims and its news file)
  • Icon 🙂 ✓
  • Reasonable auto-pickup by default

Should be implemented before release, but it’s not a showstopper:

  • Map view ✓ (zoomable view)
  • Actions sorted in a hierarchy, like in the Qt port ✓
  • Speaking of actions, more of them (ideally you should never use the keyboard) ✓
  • UI support for count (currently, the only UI support is for search, other than that, you use the keyboard)
  • View message log ✓
  • Bigger font for status and messages, and line breaks if they don’t fit the width ✓ (mostly readable now)

The port is currenty “bug-free” in the sense that I haven’t seen any of them in a long time, which doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve had some nasty crashes with map_glyph and my NavController, but they are all fixed.

Nice to have, but not really necessary for version 1:

  • Tiled version
  • Alternative, direction based movement (currently it’s you tap where you want to go, like the mouse support in the Qt port, it’s not direction based) ✓ (the tile click based UI was not doing it in the long run, so it’s always direction based now)

NetHack iPhone Port Screenshots

I’m making progress, the game is nearing playability.

A couple of things causing me headaches:

  • I’m a very bad nethack player, so I won’t be able to test end game scenarios.
  • Save/Restore. I ‘m usually not fond of coding persistence stuff …
  • How to display the map or give a level overview while keeping game flow
  • How to best display messages and status so you can actually read them 🙂

The commands should be in place soon, I think I have a raw concept here.

NetHack iPhone Port

Update: 1.0 is released in the AppStore. Download it now! The next version is in the works.

: Just posted some final screenshots. Just sayin’. And please send me those icons.

I still have an unfinished Rogue iPhone port on my local harddisc, complete with a multi-threaded iphone curses emulation layer (the rogue code was executing in its own thread, notifying the curses layer of updates). I didn’t even finish it because someone else was faster. I’ve been waiting patiently for a NetHack port from the same developer ever since, but so far none came and I don’t think there ever will.

So I will now start iNethack (or whatever it will be named), the nethack iphone port. I’ve downloaded the nethack src tarball (the 3.4.3 release). Of course it will be a free app in the AppStore and of course I will release the source code in accordance to the nethack license.

So, without further ado, it’s crunch-time baby 🙂

Update 2009-06-29: The day I decided to port it I noticed a newcomer: There is a project hosted on google code. This held me back (again) since I didn’t want to put work in something already in progress, and the project really seems to be ambitious, very slick UI. On the other hand the developers told me that it’s a side project, but I want to play nethack right now. So when they hadn’t updated in about 10 days I started. In the end project kick off was on Friday, June 26th.

Update: Posted some screenshots (last week I think, but the game still looks the same since I mostly worked on menu stuff, which you don’t see here, and internals) and a progress report.