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How to compile Slash’EM on Mac OS X (tty version)

These instructions are for the source tarball from the stable Slash’EM Page (0.0.7E7F3 at the time of this writing). I assume that you have unpacked it and moved your bash to the top of the extracted filesystem.

pushd sys/unix/ ; sh

You have to uncomment the BSD #define in line #22 of include/unixconf.h, then change line #963 of win/tty/termcap.c (this is a single line):

#if !defined(LINUX) && !defined(__FreeBSD__) && !defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(__MACH__)

Next comment out line #340 of the generated src/Makefile, and uncomment the line above (WINTTYLIB = -lncurses). Also make sure you set PREFIX, GAMEUID and GAMEGRP from Makefile to sensible values (example):

PREFIX = /Users/dirk/install
GAME = slashem
# GAME = slashem.prg
GAMEUID = dirk
GAMEGRP = staff

As suggested by Patric, instead of modifying GAMEUID and GAMEGRP, you can also edit the two lines that set CHOWN and CHGRP, and simply set them to true:

CHOWN = true
CHGRP = true

Then all there is left to do is to compile and install:

make install

If everything went fine, you will have your slashem binary in ~/install/games/local/bin. To start it cd there and invoke it in your bash: ./slashem.

To customize, I added the following line to .bash_profile:

export SLASHEMOPTIONS="@.slashem.rc"

And the file ~/.slashem.rc with the following contents:


Your config will probably vary.

Have fun playing!