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NetHack iPhone Port Screenshots

I’m making progress, the game is nearing playability.

A couple of things causing me headaches:

  • I’m a very bad nethack player, so I won’t be able to test end game scenarios.
  • Save/Restore. I ‘m usually not fond of coding persistence stuff …
  • How to display the map or give a level overview while keeping game flow
  • How to best display messages and status so you can actually read them 🙂

The commands should be in place soon, I think I have a raw concept here.

NetHack iPhone Port

Update: 1.0 is released in the AppStore. Download it now! The next version is in the works.

: Just posted some final screenshots. Just sayin’. And please send me those icons.

I still have an unfinished Rogue iPhone port on my local harddisc, complete with a multi-threaded iphone curses emulation layer (the rogue code was executing in its own thread, notifying the curses layer of updates). I didn’t even finish it because someone else was faster. I’ve been waiting patiently for a NetHack port from the same developer ever since, but so far none came and I don’t think there ever will.

So I will now start iNethack (or whatever it will be named), the nethack iphone port. I’ve downloaded the nethack src tarball (the 3.4.3 release). Of course it will be a free app in the AppStore and of course I will release the source code in accordance to the nethack license.

So, without further ado, it’s crunch-time baby 🙂

Update 2009-06-29: The day I decided to port it I noticed a newcomer: There is a project hosted on google code. This held me back (again) since I didn’t want to put work in something already in progress, and the project really seems to be ambitious, very slick UI. On the other hand the developers told me that it’s a side project, but I want to play nethack right now. So when they hadn’t updated in about 10 days I started. In the end project kick off was on Friday, June 26th.

Update: Posted some screenshots (last week I think, but the game still looks the same since I mostly worked on menu stuff, which you don’t see here, and internals) and a progress report.