NetHack iPhone Port

Update: 1.0 is released in the AppStore. Download it now! The next version is in the works.

: Just posted some final screenshots. Just sayin’. And please send me those icons.

I still have an unfinished Rogue iPhone port on my local harddisc, complete with a multi-threaded iphone curses emulation layer (the rogue code was executing in its own thread, notifying the curses layer of updates). I didn’t even finish it because someone else was faster. I’ve been waiting patiently for a NetHack port from the same developer ever since, but so far none came and I don’t think there ever will.

So I will now start iNethack (or whatever it will be named), the nethack iphone port. I’ve downloaded the nethack src tarball (the 3.4.3 release). Of course it will be a free app in the AppStore and of course I will release the source code in accordance to the nethack license.

So, without further ado, it’s crunch-time baby 🙂

Update 2009-06-29: The day I decided to port it I noticed a newcomer: There is a project hosted on google code. This held me back (again) since I didn’t want to put work in something already in progress, and the project really seems to be ambitious, very slick UI. On the other hand the developers told me that it’s a side project, but I want to play nethack right now. So when they hadn’t updated in about 10 days I started. In the end project kick off was on Friday, June 26th.

Update: Posted some screenshots (last week I think, but the game still looks the same since I mostly worked on menu stuff, which you don’t see here, and internals) and a progress report.

14 thoughts on “NetHack iPhone Port

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks and good luck! Two years without a port is insane! I think a telnet app specifically designed for nethack would be pretty neat as well.
    -Seth Munki

  2. Anonymous

    Please – this would make me such a very very happy person. Really. Can’t think of what else to say, but that would be sooo sweet.


  3. Dirk

    When I started this I really thought it would be a 3 days job, max. Get it compiled, implement NetHack’s windowing routines and play. Oh boy 🙂 But I’m making progress here and I’m really looking forward to having a playable/testable version this weekend.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the app, would it be possible to have an option to remove the tiles though? I prefer @’s and D’s to little pictures 😛

    Thanks for this, I was waiting like you for that other app, so grateful you took the time to do this

  5. Anonymous

    very nice.. and doesn’t even need a jailbreak, yay. thanks very much for doing this.

    probably the only game i think i’d seriously play on the iphone..

  6. Dirk

    In beta4 (currently being tested) there’s chozoB which should look very familiar to tty users, and also an option for pure ASCII tileset (and I’m not talking about fancy IBM graphics :))

    There are also *lots* of UI improvements.

  7. Dirk

    SLASH’EM … I have thought of it (and other variants) and with iNetHack UI getting more and more stable it’s getting more likely. 1.3 is in beta right now and after that there might be some room but don’t hold your breath.

  8. Anonymous

    awesome. I haven’t played nethack for 15 years — and I still remember most of the common commands…still trying to figure out how to save a game, so I can don’t die so quickly….


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