iNetHack (iPhone NetHack Port) Progress Report

Just got automatic save/restore working, I consider this as a personal milestone 🙂

The game is now playable, what is lacking in commands can be compensated with the built-in keyboard, except for extended commands which need implementation.

Current showstoppers (implementation needed before release, lack of which might even hinder ascension):

  • Extended commands ✓
  • Character creation UI ✓
  • Main screen ✓ (sort of, using NetHack’s native mechanims and its news file)
  • Icon 🙂 ✓
  • Reasonable auto-pickup by default

Should be implemented before release, but it’s not a showstopper:

  • Map view ✓ (zoomable view)
  • Actions sorted in a hierarchy, like in the Qt port ✓
  • Speaking of actions, more of them (ideally you should never use the keyboard) ✓
  • UI support for count (currently, the only UI support is for search, other than that, you use the keyboard)
  • View message log ✓
  • Bigger font for status and messages, and line breaks if they don’t fit the width ✓ (mostly readable now)

The port is currenty “bug-free” in the sense that I haven’t seen any of them in a long time, which doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve had some nasty crashes with map_glyph and my NavController, but they are all fixed.

Nice to have, but not really necessary for version 1:

  • Tiled version
  • Alternative, direction based movement (currently it’s you tap where you want to go, like the mouse support in the Qt port, it’s not direction based) ✓ (the tile click based UI was not doing it in the long run, so it’s always direction based now)

2 thoughts on “iNetHack (iPhone NetHack Port) Progress Report

  1. Rodriguez

    Nice progress, cant wait to see the final results!

    PS: Hope you announce it if you ever need beta testers… 😀

  2. Anonymous

    Whee! Please keep working on this…I’ve been wondering about the lack of a nethack port since I got my iPhone…


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