NetHack on the Palm Pre, anyone?

Why didn’t anybody tell me that there’s a Linux running on that device? And that it seems easy enough to “enable this functionality” ? 🙂

I don’t own one, but it seems to be an excellent device to run NetHack on (you could use the touchscreen for general movement like in the iPhone port plus the keyboard for commands), though I admit it gets a little bit awkward in landscape format (does it change automatically btw)

Having already done the iNetHack port for the iPhone, I’m not ruling out bringing it to the Pre. It should be very easy, for me or someone else, having the source code for the iPhone stuff.

But how many people owning a Pre, having Linux access, are actually aware of NetHack and really want to play a nice window port on it? Please leave a comment if you do, and please give some details about which Linux you installed on top …

6 thoughts on “NetHack on the Palm Pre, anyone?

  1. JBB


    Just came across this. The Palm Pre is running a version of Linux, which is fairly easy to gain access to.
    I would be interested in a nethack port.

    Go to for more info on the pre.

    Contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Anonymous

    Count me in as well! I actually have nethack installed on my Pre, but running it in Terminal is a little cramped, and there’s no > key yet, so you can’t walk down stairs…

  3. Anonymous

    I would LOVE a port of it to the Pre! Nethack is one of my all time favorite games.

  4. Dirk

    I’m pretty sure it won’t be me porting it, with all the new iDevices coming along. But it’s also never been easier because of iHack (my Hack porting platform) which I will probably release after NetHack for iPad.


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