Monthly Archives: August 2009

Business Plan (Don’t you worry my child)

Don’t you worry
My baby child is growing
Into an ever more powerful goddess
Even as we speak
Mothers all around this world are pregnant
With her army of siblings
The world’s not mine to take
Belonging to no none
And those willing to preserve it
As the world’s stores chime in
A low hum of their canon
Begging for mercy

iNetHack Beta Testing Program

Update: I’ve setup a google group for beta testing. So if you’re interested just apply there.

There is a new beta around the corner, and I’d like to setup a group of beta testers. Of course the developers among you can test pretty much any time they want, but if you are not a registered developer and you’d like to test upcoming official betas on your device and provide feedback, then please get in touch with me (google AT this

Important: I really need your email, since you will get all the instructions by mail. It’s kind of a closed mailing list.

Update: You will receive your beta mail once there is a stable beta build. This can take a while, from a couple of days to weeks. There are some very nasty crashes that have to be fixed 🙁

NetHack on iPhone (iNetHack): Ready for download (or not)

Update: The link is live. I was just able to install it over the air.

So, just received that it’s “ready for sale” (which really means for free download in this case). The thing is that I can’t find it in the store. Maybe it takes time for the AppStore to pick it up …

Anyway, here’s the link:
iNetHack (iTunes)
Drop a comment if you’re able to install it.

You can access the iNetHack source code (which I will upload this week end, I have to migrate from a private repository) at this google code project.

Please be aware of the already existing issues and feel free to add your own.

Contributions of patches are welcome!