15 thoughts on “iPhone NetHack Source Released (iNetHack)

  1. Anonymous

    Cooooooool! Available in iTunes – Will try my first game now o/ Thanks a lot, Dirk!

  2. xRadioSilence

    I would like to report a bug in the game, I know it just came out today so things like this are to be expected. When you press the onscreen # button to select extended commands, if you do not select one and instead go back to the dungeon you will be unable to move until you access the keyboard (the onscreen ‘abc’ button) and press a button. Also if you have tried to access the extended commands while unable to move, you will have to select a command after you press a button on the keyboard.

    Hopefully you can get this fixed in the next version. And thanks for putting out this wonderful game! I’ve been playing it since I downloaded it when I woke up!

  3. Dirk

    You mean ASCII? It’s on the issues list for next release or the one after that. There was a reason I ditched the initial ASCII-only stance …

  4. Ciaran

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance I can persuade you to switch to using GitHub? I really hate Subversion 🙂

  5. Dirk

    Lol what do you hate about Subversion? A change for me is rather unlikely atm. Svn seems to be the current defacto standard, most tools support it.

  6. Anonymous

    Do you have to have a Mac to develop iPhone apps? I realize I could edit source but that doesn’t help much if I can’t compile and test.

  7. Ranbato

    For the ASCII version, I would just do ASCII-derived tiles. There isn’t (that I have ever seen in the code) anything unique to the ASCII UI. See my comment in the bug report for more.

  8. Anonymous

    A lot of issues are set to be fixed in “R32” – when will that be released to the Apple App Store?

  9. Dirk

    Well it depends how stable it becomes and how many beta testers there will be. There might be a release as soon as next week, but I can’t say for sure.

  10. RexxFiend

    I may be able to help with testing – I don’t have a dev account but I have a jailbroken phone and access to the filesystem (handy for replacing the default tiles to something more useful 😉

  11. Anonymous

    I think I just hit a massive bug… My monk was on dlvl 7, at full HP (52/52), I saw a wand on a square, walked onto it, and a dungeon message appeared for a split second, then the screen went black, and then the character creation screen came up. It never asked me if I wanted items identified, didn’t show me my score, etc.


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