iNetHack 1.1 goes gold, soon coming to an AppStore near you

Just released iNetHack 1.1. It features major UI improvements (zooming, swipable and customizable shortcut bar, quick travel …), several tilesets to choose from (default, tile32, chozo, chozo B, absurd, ASCII) and of course lots of bugfixes.

42 thoughts on “iNetHack 1.1 goes gold, soon coming to an AppStore near you

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t see 1.1 on the store yet but I downloaded 1.0 and it’s awesome!! Every few months I’ve been googling “iphone nethack” just in case someone was working on a port. Yay!

    I have played Nethack a lot on the Windows Mobile platform, and maybe that’s totally non-canon but I liked the touch interface where the character will make an effort to get to the point on the screen where you click. It is a little tricky since sometimes it *really* matters where you go to, but when I played with a stylus it worked pretty well. I’ll be interested to see how the movement works in 1.1.

    Thanks again!!

    – Bob

  2. Anonymous

    I had become worried you were not working on it! Thank god it’s coming soon!

  3. Peter Nielsen

    Hi, This is good news, im super happy that one of the best games ever is on the ipod touch *S* ,now… i just have one problem how to “P” put on rings ?

  4. Dirk

    Yeah, it takes some time to be approved by the distributor. Thus the gold status.

    The reason why 1.1 took so long was mainly because it was a lot of work and a lot of beta testing going on.

    If there’s no ring entry in the main menu you probably have to access the keyboard in 1.0. There is a shortcut for that in 1.1.

  5. Anonymous

    1.1, eh? Excellent.
    Am looking forward to updating, once it gets through Approval Limbo 😉

  6. Air

    And thank you for making the project free and open. Truly in the spirit of the game : )

  7. Anonymous

    Just got it. It crashes at startup every time, with a message like “checkpointing was not in effect, cannot recover. ” and then “please inform a wizard”. 🙁

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve got 1.1! But how do I go back to the old 1.0 graphical view? Also is there a way to change the users name? Finally is there a helpfile on all of the settings/options?

  9. Anonymous

    Why don’t you make this free game available on Cydia? It’d make your life hella easier.

    BTW, iNethack is so epic! Goddamn! I hope this version is a bit more stable… I seem to have the same bug everyone’s told you about crashing with the keyboard.

    Nethack on the iPhone is so awesome!

  10. Anonymous

    Wow wow wow wow such a huge improvement over 1.0… Very damned impressive. I kinda miss the Windows tileset, but there are so many improvements it doesn’t even matter. It’s so much smoother and faster… Many needed commands are added! Tapping to look and move is awesome! Can’t wait to see how to improve on this version! It’s almost perfect!

  11. Dirk

    If it crashes try to completely erase before installing. There are entries in the settings app, for name, tileset etc (including the 1.0 tileset).

  12. Anonymous

    Didn’t feel like putting up with crashes, so I followed your advice and erased 1.0 before installing 1.1

    It worked without a problem! New touch interface is so *smooth*, and the UI has been revamped beautifully.
    Where 1.0 was a bit of a chore to play, 1.1 is a delight!

    Thanks Dirk!

  13. Anonymous

    Is there a way to change the tileset from within the game? Do I need to have the dev kit to edit the config file?

  14. Anonymous

    Excellent port and thanks for releasing this free!

    I have one question – if I wanted to create a shortcut to the “kick” command (^D), how would I go about doing this? How does one go about typing the characters with a ^ anyway? (I tried typing the caret, but it looks like that’s for disarming traps).

  15. Dirk

    You can replace shortcuts with the “Custom key sequence” from the shortcut menu. Kick is already in the shortcuts, you will have to replace another shortcut if you want to move it. You can enter ^d with your keyboard when asked for the new sequence.

  16. Anonymous

    Ah, thanks. Excellent, excellent app. Many thanks for bringing this to the iPhone.

  17. Anonymous

    Heh, really thanks a million times, this is awesome. Just one thing, how do I zoom in/out? I’ll probably figure it out before an answer, but in case I won’t, some advice would be great.

  18. Dirk

    Seth, I have checked out the Geoduck tileset for the new Slash’EM port. Displaying it correctly wouldn’t be any problem, but the whole direction detection gets skewed, making tapping in certain directions hard.

  19. Anonymous

    Aight thanks, should’ve figured that out. One thing though, the 16×16 tileset seems rather small, should be able to zoom closer in order to move and attack properly, at least my fingers tend to be a bit too inaccurate for that.

  20. Anonymous

    Well yeah guess your right, anyways, awesome job, just can’t figure out why this ain’t the most popular program on apps.

  21. Anonymous

    Anyway to recover a save file? I was on sokoban and had an incomplete start to the program. When I shutdown and restarted I was asked what character I wanted to be. Was having a good game and I hate to have to start again…

  22. Dirk

    Insurance/Recovery is built-in. If you are at the new character screen then something has gone really wrong. I guess your only chances would be a backup or tampering manually with the files though I guess your save is gone.

  23. Anonymous

    Oh well. That is what I figured. No biggie. Great port of a great game though! Can’t put it down!

  24. RBjakeSpecial

    Wow. I can’t stop playing iNetHack on the train on my way to work. Thank you very much for this game. I look forward to the next update and will try to turn my friends into fans.


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