12 thoughts on “iNetHack 1.1 is Live

  1. Air

    Fantastic job! The zooming and programmable buttons are amazing.

    Can you comment on Settings, how the double-tap sensitivity slider is meant to work?

    It defaults to ‘all the way left’ (too sensitive) and can be dragged to the right (still too sensitive). Even slow-tapping through the gnomish mines I end up sprinting everywhere.


  2. Dirk

    It’s meant as a fraction of 1s, from 0 to 1.0. Max values on either side disable it (it’s back to OS default). The second tap has to occur in this time span to be counted as double tap. For me the best results on a fast device are far to the left, probably around 0.3s.

  3. Anonymous

    Great game, but i have a question: how do i change the tileset?
    I tryed with O but it didn’t work

  4. Air

    > the best results on a fast device are far to the left, probably around 0.3s

    Ah that’s much better, thanks.

    I notice there’s a cool ‘Go To’ feature – you zoom out, then tap where you want to go. This is great sometimes, but dangerous at others.

    Is this only active when you zoom out? How do you know when you are back at default zoom level? Just looking for tips on how to use it.


  5. Maniac

    I have the following odd behavior after the upgrade:
    – launch app, get an odd pair of lines (lower right side – a rectangle enclosing about 1/3 the screen) & then exits immediately.
    – launch app, get “There are files from a game in progress. Recover?” (two lines mentioned above are barely visible above pop up) Get y/n choice.
    o If “n” chosen, program exits immediately
    o If “y” chosen, get a series of messages and then the program exits.
    Checkpointing was not in effect for 501mobile.0 — recover impossible.
    Program initialization has failed.
    Report error to “wizard”.
    Couldn’t recover old game.
    (side note – bottom menu visible, two lines mentioned above visible below messages that follow – have screenshot if interested)

    Any suggestions on fixes?
    [was going to remove / reinstall & see if that worked but thought I should report the problem and ask first]

    PS: May want to add in settings to “reset” the current game.
    PPS: Is it feasible to import / export the settings file from an external source (e.g., email)? That would be great.
    PPPS: With the devnull tournament coming up, would a compatible version be available (obviously w/o some of the “challenges” enabled)?

  6. Dirk

    The only way to “fix” this is to erase, then reinstall, it’s a known issue. If you have feature requests I suggest adding them to the issues list (part of the google code repository, link above).

  7. Anonymous

    I know you’ve said you change the tileset in the settings app, but how do you get their? I must be really missing something =

  8. Dirk

    It’s a built in app reachable from your home screen named Settings. There all apps leave settings so you might have to scroll a little for iNetHack.

  9. Anonymous

    *goes incredibly red*

    Thought it was something humongously stupid on my part XD

    Cheers for that, great app !

  10. Anonymous

    Its great to finally have Nethack on the iphone. Any chance/way of adding a score server in the future. That would be cool. Just an idea have not idea if its posible. Thanks again for a great app.


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