Monthly Archives: October 2009

Coming soon: iNetHack Hearse Support

After iNetHack 1.1 I slacked a little (apart from a failed 7drl, cough cough). Ok, I slacked a lot. But I’m back on track and iNetHack 1.3 (don’t fixate on the exact version though) is making progress. Apart from some UI improvements (I put some time into improving the message system so no message can be missed easily) and internal changes you (hopefully) won’t even notice, I was just able to upload my first bones file to the hearse server 🙂

Hearse support will be limited to iNetHack, so no bones exchange with other systems. As the iPhone is a big-endian platform it wouldn’t be compatible with the major NetHack platforms anyway (with the assumption that ‘major’ equals Win32, MacOSX and Intel-based Linuxes). You will be able to recycle your hearse ID though if you already use it on other systems.

I hope to be able to kick off the beta end of next week, and I’m expecting quite some time spent fixing bugs.