Coming soon: iNetHack Hearse Support

After iNetHack 1.1 I slacked a little (apart from a failed 7drl, cough cough). Ok, I slacked a lot. But I’m back on track and iNetHack 1.3 (don’t fixate on the exact version though) is making progress. Apart from some UI improvements (I put some time into improving the message system so no message can be missed easily) and internal changes you (hopefully) won’t even notice, I was just able to upload my first bones file to the hearse server 🙂

Hearse support will be limited to iNetHack, so no bones exchange with other systems. As the iPhone is a big-endian platform it wouldn’t be compatible with the major NetHack platforms anyway (with the assumption that ‘major’ equals Win32, MacOSX and Intel-based Linuxes). You will be able to recycle your hearse ID though if you already use it on other systems.

I hope to be able to kick off the beta end of next week, and I’m expecting quite some time spent fixing bugs.

7 thoughts on “Coming soon: iNetHack Hearse Support

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome! The only big thing that I miss when playing iNethack compared to say … is the menucolors and the random bones. Sweet ^^

  2. mucknert

    While you are at it, could you also improve the ASCII-tiles? 🙂 In my opinion, it doesn’t live up to what a player expects from the tty-Version known from Unix or Windows.

    Thanks for the hard work though! It’s a great port nonetheless.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, could you implement a different mode which emulates the tty interface, where the user can view the entire map on a single screen?


  4. Dirk

    @Anon: The thing that comes close is using ASCII tiles and zooming out a lot. A mode without the player char being displayed in the center is unlikely since most of the UI is built around a centered user.

    @Mucknert: As for DECGraphics this is not trivial. I happened to stumble across this when I patched the rogue level to be always ASCII regardless of chosen tileset.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi there, just stopping by to say that you did a REALLY great job with this game, it plays EXTREMELY well on a iphone considering nethack has tons of commands (that autowalk to a location when the map is moved is really great, as is the default action when tapping on the player).

    I really hope to see that bone files support soon. What would also be very nice, considering how hard nethack is, would be to have some challenges. Like:
    Visit minetown.
    solve sokoban
    do the quest
    kill 100, 1000, 10000 monsters

    those challenges could then be seen somewhere in the menu.

    keep up the great work!


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