iNetHack 1.3 ready for download

iNetHack in its latest and greatest incarnation (1.3) is ready for download. This marks the fastest app store review I’ve ever seen or heard of, and pretty much thwarted my targeted Q1 release 🙂

Don’t forget to erase your old installation before moving to 1.3, and of course to setup hearse in your settings app!


8 thoughts on “iNetHack 1.3 ready for download

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, Dirk.
    I want to play iNethack graphically like iTunes Store Screenshot. How can I do?

    Please let me know.


  2. Dirk

    iNetHack has a bunch of options in the settings menu (the one on your home screen), including tilesets.

    The next incarnations will have it in-game (Slash’EM and NetHack-ipad already have it).

  3. Tom

    Hi Dirk,
    Quick question –
    Firstly iNethack (played on the ipad, blown up 2x) is still my favorite nethack port (vs. RougeTerm and nethack HD).
    My question is how do you drop, or throw x amount of something? in my case zorkmids.

    My situation is that I want to buy protection and need to stash some of my gold, but not all of it.
    Is this possible? Am I missing something obvious? I would appreciate any suggestions….

  4. Dirk

    Hi Tom, my memory is dim but it looks like I’ve found it:

    As for favorites, the Slash’EM port, though trailing with regards to downloads, seems to have the best rating of all the ports world-wide (possibly based on written reviews only).

    If I’d ever port it again I would go for a mix of Slash’EM and iNetHack.

  5. Unknown

    Brilliant! that’s it. Thanks very much.
    I’ve never made the transition to Slash’EM but I’ll be sure to check it out…. thanks again

  6. Ti.ssue

    I’d really like an option to turn off double tap movement completely and bring up a minimap. Any chance we’ll see these additions in a future date? Also text wrapping could be improved so inventory items and other parts aren’t cut off. Great port!

  7. Dirk

    Probably not. If there’ll ever be a new version it’ll be a complete rewrite or the Slash’EM iOS GUI backported to NetHack with enhancements and bugfixes.


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