SlashEM 0.0.7E7F3 distribution for Mac OS X (tty)

When I felt the need to step through the original SlashEM tty version to get a feel for some seemingly changed behavior for add_menu, and intrigued by Patric’s comment on my Mac OS X SlashEM compile, I thought a native Mac OS X tty version that you don’t need to install, easily debuggable (sort of) from xcode would not be a bad idea. You can download the end result from here. I compiled it for 10.5/i386. Would be interesting to know whether it runs on 10.4 (I guess not but I don’t have that SDK anymore) and on older Intels (like those core duo ‘1’s or whatever they were named). Just unzip the dist and double click SlashEM and it should run in a terminal. As you can see I had to change very little from the original sources (macosx now has its own sys subdirectory, but uses a patched unixmain.c), and this is probably very easy to do with other variants and NetHack itself (leave a comment if you are interested). I have yet to integrate the Makefiles and xcode nicely so everything is built from scratch with one make / press of a button. And beware, there might still be some dat files missing (for quests etc.), and I have yet to do some more extensive wizard testing. Creating fully graphical ports that are as easy to use as any other native app on Mac OS X is of course the goal, but this might take some more time and effort (and the SlashEM iPhone port has priority).

6 thoughts on “SlashEM 0.0.7E7F3 distribution for Mac OS X (tty)

  1. Patric Mueller

    Hi Dirk,

    I tried your distribution today, in preparation for a possible native OSX release for UnNetHack.

    I noticed a few things:
    1. you have some paths left in the XCode project file that are specific to your personal development environment (search for “/Users/dirk/Documents/”)
    2. you have included generated files into the subversion repository (dat/*.lev, dat/dungeon, binaries in util)
    3. why don’t you define DLB? that would generate nhshare and nhushare and you wouldn’t have to copy 210 dat-files but only those 2.


  2. Dirk

    Thanks for your heads up. Those “relative” paths xcode generated are terrible, and I don’t really know how to fix them (other than brute force). MacOSX is also definitely not a system port (what was I drinking?)

    Including generated files is my habit to build self-contained apps (you need them prebuilt anyway for those iDevices). It’s probably possible to integrate that NetHack part of the build into the xcode build for MacOSX but I’ve never really bothered.

    Iirc DLB requires some preprocessed fixed path, and for MacOS you need to be flexible with the path you’re loading from if you loath installation packages (and I do).

    There is native cocoa port nearing beta (with full gfx and ASCII support), but very probably too late for UnNetHack. If you tell me some specifics we can probably work something out (me AT OMGREMOVETHIS dirkz DOTTTTTTT com).

  3. Patric Mueller

    I had no problem using DLB, IIRC I had to adjust a relative path or maybe just make a Xcode target to copy nushare and nhshare to the dat directory.

    The cocoa port is 10.6 and I haven’t currently that version at hand and UnNetHack is also missing some tiles, so at the moment it’s TTY-only.

    Right now the problem is not pressing, the 3.5.3 release of UnNetHack will not happen before June.

  4. Niko

    Sorry; this may be a little out of date and a little off topic, but I’m not having luck anywhere else. Can you direct me to the correct download of a 64-bit version of slash’em? I got windows vista awhile back and I had been playing the 32-bit version of slashem previously… I can’t seem to get it up and running now, though.

  5. Dirk

    No I don’t know anything about a win64 version of Slash’EM, and since I don’t have a windows box I can’t compile one. But it should be easy to do for yourself, and to the best of my knowledge there’s a always been a free VC available.

  6. Dauntless

    If you are using a DOS emulator on 64-bit windows in order to run a 32-bit version of Slash’EM, you should do the following in order to get it to work:

    1) Comment out the following line in your defaults.nh file by adding # in front of it, as follows:

    2) Download and unzip the following file into your slashem folder if you are getting a DPMI error

    I figured these changes out the hard way through trial and error, so I hope I’ll save some other people the hassle!


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