Gimp / X11 Heaven

I’ve been using Gimp for many years on many OSs. On Mac OS X it feels clunky though. Spreading its UI across several autonomous windows means you have to “nearly, but not quite” double-click everytime you want to change tools or tweak something else with your mouse. That is, unless you change the above X11 preferences 🙂

The “Click-through Inactive Windows” is pretty much mandatory for my typical Gimp usage. The “Focus Follows Mouse” is just added sugar for people missing auto-focus on Mac OS X, at least with X11.

Add to that a neat and thoroughly put together Gimp Distribution for Mac OS X, and I’m in heaven 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gimp / X11 Heaven

  1. Greg

    Clicked through the App store to find your blog. I’m lovin nethack HD btw. But this ^ is awesome. I use gimp every day at work on a Mac, and definitely prefer it to Photoshop., but the double click thing on the windows definitely sucks. Thanks so much for the fix.


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