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Performance issues in iOS 4, especially for iNetHack

Just wanted to say that I’m aware of iNetHack’s performance issues on iOS 4. This forces me to change plans and port it to iHack as soon as possible. Before that I will release some Slash’EM bugfixes, which will hopefully add iOS 4 fast app switching (at this stage there are still major problems with it, but I don’t want to give it up yet), since Slash’EM and iNetHack will (hopefully) soon share the same exact iHack UI code.

(Universal) iPad support will have to wait a little bit longer :(. My original plan was to address this first with Slash’EM (since this is what I currently play, vampiric necromancers ftw!)

First known NetHack HD Ascension, Wizards ftw!

At least it’s the first one I’ve heard of, courtesy Sean. All the more amazing since a shortcoming in the UI code created a challenge itself 🙂

Here’s his comment from another post:

“I just spent 45 minutes typing up an ascension post and then the site crashed and lost it when I tried to post.”

“Long story short: Chaotic elven wizard ascended with just over 4,000,000 points. I made one huge mistake and left my spellbooks behind before entering end game thinking I wouldn’t need them, but when the Crystal ball couldn’t be used to detect traps I had to search for them the hard way taking way too long and forgetting Magic Missile by the time I was done the plane of air. This did lead me to discover that charm monster is my new favorite spell however, so there was some benefit.”

It’s certainly not the first ascension on an iDevice, the beta forums have had a couple of ascension posted for iNetHack 1.3. I’m waiting for a Slash’EM ascension now 🙂 If you did it, please post details (the more the merrier) here (don’t forget screenshots!) or give me a ping if you posted on rgrn (did I mention screenshots?).

Slash’EM 1.0 released for iPhone

Now ready to download:

Slash’EM iTunes download

Please post any issues you may encounter and feature requests right here. Or preferably fork the project and implement them yourself. I will happily accept patches (provided some quality guidelines are met).

Enjoy the new UI, it might feel awkward at first, especially if you come from an iNetHack background, but I’m sure it will grow on you (as it has on the beta testers). Since it’s contextual it has its issues, but overall the game should be quite playable and enjoyable.

Some important tips:

Tap on yourself to see contextual commands
Visit the (separate!) settings app
Double tap to g-move

Maarek integrated the … enforcer patch (the one where you use the force)
John Shaw added brand new … enforcer tiles in Absurd
Gfx: Mitsuhiro Itakura, Joep Gerrits, James Hogwood
Soundtrack: hehe

If you ascend (haha …) *please* post right here too!