First known NetHack HD Ascension, Wizards ftw!

At least it’s the first one I’ve heard of, courtesy Sean. All the more amazing since a shortcoming in the UI code created a challenge itself 🙂

Here’s his comment from another post:

“I just spent 45 minutes typing up an ascension post and then the site crashed and lost it when I tried to post.”

“Long story short: Chaotic elven wizard ascended with just over 4,000,000 points. I made one huge mistake and left my spellbooks behind before entering end game thinking I wouldn’t need them, but when the Crystal ball couldn’t be used to detect traps I had to search for them the hard way taking way too long and forgetting Magic Missile by the time I was done the plane of air. This did lead me to discover that charm monster is my new favorite spell however, so there was some benefit.”

It’s certainly not the first ascension on an iDevice, the beta forums have had a couple of ascension posted for iNetHack 1.3. I’m waiting for a Slash’EM ascension now 🙂 If you did it, please post details (the more the merrier) here (don’t forget screenshots!) or give me a ping if you posted on rgrn (did I mention screenshots?).

7 thoughts on “First known NetHack HD Ascension, Wizards ftw!

  1. Sean

    For those who are interested, here is a more detailed account. The whole account is too big for one comment so I’ll post it in a few:

    Being as it had been a while since I played NetHack, I figured I would start off on NetHack HD easy and went for a chaotic elven wizard. After quite a few mediocre starts (and a seriously nasty bones file in minetown that has no fewer than three ghosts and one pet demon floating around in it) I got a start with a decent set of stats, a secondary spellbook of magic missile, rings of fire and cold resistance and a wand of teleportation. Moving down to the second level found me an alar, and things were off to a good start. A quick foray into the first couple of levels of the Gnomish Mines cost me my pet to a falling rock trap, but netted me a wand of create monster and a bag of tricks. Back up to the altar I went and after a quick bout of sacrificing I was equipped with Magicbane and back into the mines I went.

  2. Sean

    The mines were relatively nice to me quickly giving me a nice stack (20) of daggers in my quiver, and a minetown that wasn’t overrun with ghosts, but not an altar of my alignments. A quick traipse through the shops found me a bag of holding, 7 candles, and a magic marker and I was on my way. Feeling pretty good I decided to brave a few levels below minetown, and my bravery was rewarded with a randomly generated luckstone, saving me the need to go all the way to the bottom of the mines. Up I went to the 2nd level altar to create some holy water and bless my stuff and on towards Sokoban I went. Along the way there, I found a crystal ball, a wand of secret door detection, and a blessed scroll of genocide, things were looking fantastic, and Sokoban gave me an amulet of reflection, so I blanked my spellbook of force bolt and wrote books of identify and magic mapping. I was was ready to start searching for Fort Ludios hoping to gain some experience and a set of dragon scales to make some armor.

    Mapping each level and identifying everything I came across, I was quickly outfitted with a wand of death, ring of levitation, another scroll of genocide, a solid stock pile of food, a tinning kit, and most of my intrinsics (except disintegration) but not much for wizard friendly armor. And, unfortunately, Fort Ludios wasn’t generated in my game, and I was soon at Medusa’s lair, face to face with a titan. Up I went, running all the way back to the quest. On entering my home plane I found a wraith that conveniently leveled me up enough to embark on the quest. Scores of vampire bats gave me some concern because of my horrible AC, and a definite shortage of power, but the Dark One is a pushover and I soon had The Eye with fast power regeneration and no longer had to be chincy with my spells. Back down to Medusa’s lair I went. A permanently engraved Elbereth and magic missiles flying in every direction soon took care of the titan and the hordes of creatures he was summoning. Medusa herself was a non-occurrence and down I went to the castle.

  3. Sean

    My terrible AC was starting to make me really nervous so I genocide all classes of lichees, and then used the portcullis and magic missiles to clear out the castle from a distance, and bolted for the wand of wishing in the castle. My luck wasn’t so good here, having it only generated with one charge, I wish for 2 blessed scrolls of charging and after using one on the wand, equipped myself with boots of speed, gauntlets of power, silver dragon scale mail, and a cornuthaum. Only then did I remember there were four dragons and an equipment room only a few steps away. I could have saved a wish as the dragons left several sets of scales, but the equipment room wouldn’t have provided anything of use. I did however finally gain my disintegration resistance. Now well equipped, I began my descent.

    After branchporting a few wraiths out of the Valley of the Dead, I returned a few levels higher and began the serious work. Magic mapping every level saved tons of time, and in preparation for my return trip, I pickaxed a straight path between up and down staircases before I left each level. (having a UI command to trigger teleport at will would have saved a bit of time here as well.) The demon princes and Vlad proved to be minor annoyances now that I was fully equipped, and along the way I gathered a couple of more wands of death, a few more wands of teleportation and a pile of wands of digging. I plunged on downwards and after a leisurely stroll around level 48, found that strange vibration, marked it and went to have a chat with the Wizard. The tower proved uneventful, and a quick blast of a wand of death later, the Book of the Dead was mine and I was off to perform the ritual.

  4. Sean

    The inner sanctum saw me a little cocky, a little careless, and as a result, in a couple of tight spots, but I fought my way through and another blast from the wand of death and the Amulet was mine. I began my ascent, but even being chaotic the mysterious force wasn’t so nice nice to me for the first while. I was even caught by it 4 times in a row on one level. But by the time I reached the Valley it had come to it’s sense and I didn’t see it again. The trip up was uneventful with the Wizard only showing up once and soon I was at my stash in Sokoban outfitting for my journey through EndGame. Here’s where I made my biggest mistake. I looked at my turn count, judged when I last read my spellbooks, and decided I wouldn’t need them so I left them behind. Then off I went to end game.

    After entering the Plane of Earth and dealing with the Wizard, I discovered my most hated of missing UI functionality in NetHack HD, and the cause of my biggest mistake. When applying the crystal ball, i couldn’t use it to search for traps, and as a result didn’t know the location of the portal to the next plane! Luckily I had acquired a pile of wands of digging, and went blindly stumbling around looking for the portal to the next plane. I also discovered the next UI flaw, I couldn’t wield the amulet to determine when I was getting close to the portal. I know I could have worn it, but I never take off an amulet of life saving during EndGame. It took a long time to locate the portal, and by the time I reached the Plane of Air I fully realized the impact of my mistake. By the point of searching for the portal out of the plane, I had wasted so much more time than I had expected all of EndGame to take, I had forgotten my Magic Missile spell! Looking at my spell list to see what I still knew that might help me along I discovered my new most favorite spell, Charm Monster. With Magicbane equipped and my stack of heavily enchanted daggers, I ventured on.

  5. Sean

    The next two planes were mostly uneventful and by the time I entered the Astral Plane I had a Red Dragon, an Archon, and a Fire Elemental as pets, and was granted an Angel as well. I quickly discovered my next missing UI feature (why did they all have to be in EndGame?) when I went to try and call the high priests names to figure out which way I had to go and there was no option to do so. Failing that, I found out where Pestilence was and ran the other direction. Through copious use of Charm Monster to replenish my pets as they were killed, I made my way to the first altar to find that it was wrong. Since nowhere on my journey had I found a Helm of Opposite Alignment, I was forced to move on to the next one. Thankfully, this one was correct and I didn’t have to brave Pestilence. Offering up the amulet ascended my Wizard with somewhere in the 4,060,000+ point range.

  6. Holger

    Hi Dirk,
    is the a way ti teleport (like control + t). I just got teleportitis and wonderd how to activate it :-/

    However, your Nethack HD port is fantastic! Thank you!


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