Monthly Archives: September 2011

RogueTerm 1.01 queued for release

RogueTerm 1.01 contains some quick bug fixes, including:

  • Deleting servers is permanent
  • Adding Meta-Chars to the action bar should now work without crashes
  • Clarified that IBMGraphics is currently not supported, use DECGraphics instead. Please contact me if your game/server doesn’t support this (see the built-in Help for details).
Happy NetHacking and Crawling!

RogueTerm is released

RogueTerm is available right now in the app store . Get it now while supply lasts and connect to your favorite roguelike server. And don’t forget to let me know about your experience with it.


  • Works out-of-the-box for NetHack
  • Movable on-screen D-Pad with vi-keys
  • Run-support in NetHack with tap-and-hold on any D-Pad key
  • Freely configurable action bar that contains your most often used commands
  • Switch easily between different action bar configurations