RogueTerm 1.02 released

I just approved 1.02 for app store release, it should go live soon. Among many bug fixes and UI improvements the main aim for this release has been full compatibility with Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS).

RogueTerm 1.02 (iTunes)

From the changelog:

  • DPad support for DCSS
  • Full support for DCSS 0.9.1
  • Support for iPad portrait orientation
  • Fixed bugs that prevented return-key to work properly
  • Can properly use backspace in engrave in NetHack
  • Support for several DCSS UTF-8 chars, like trees and water
  • Support for port in server name, like
  • More robust error handling
Happy dungeon crawling!

24 thoughts on “RogueTerm 1.02 released

  1. Bob

    Bought the app in a heartbeat when I saw it because I’ve been trying to find a good Nethack client since the day I got my iPad. Overall, pretty good, but a few comments:

    1 – Highlighting doesn’t seem to work. This is a minor problem when using farlook (or using TP control, I assume), but it also makes editing the options file on NAO all but impossible.

    2 – DEC graphics doesn’t seem to work on NAO.

    3 – I don’t understand why I have to use the onscreen control key modifier instead of the one on my bluetooth keyboard – is there some technical limitation? I’d like to go keyboard only, if possible.

    Anyway, thanks for creating this app, but I hope that a few of the kinks can be worked out.

  2. Dirk

    Hi Bob!

    1) What do you mean with highlighting? ‘What is’ works fine for me, just tested it on NAO. I find that editing with virus is possible (though you have to move around with vi-keys, cursor keys don’t work)

    2) DEC should work for on all servers provided with the standard distribution. If you have problems here, please send me a screenshot.

    3) Still haven’t figured that out, but I’m still on it, it slows down my own testing across the different servers.

  3. Bob

    1 – Normally, when I use virus on nao, there is a cursor that is a highlighted space on the screen. When I use rogueterm, I don’t see any cursor. I just have to count and try to figure out where it is by inserting text and then deleting and readjusting. The same thing happens in the game itself. Usually, when I use farlook, I get a highlighted space that acts as a cursor – in rogueterm, nothing.

    2 – nao is a standard distribution, right? How do you take a screenshot on an iPad? I guess could just take a photo with my phone.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions.

  4. Dirk

    Hi Bob, I can reproduce your problems now, the cursor only seems to disappear in app store versions, never in development builds … The same for the graphics. Will patch this as soon as I found out what’s causing this. Thank you very much for your bug report!

    You can take a screenshot by holding the sleep button while pressing the home button btw. The picture will appear in your camera roll.

  5. Dirk

    Found and fixed the problem, 1.03 is in review and should be available for upgrade soon. Thanks again for your report, let me know if you need a promo code for RT (maybe for a friend?) or another of my apps (if I ever release something again that’s not already free …)

  6. Mark Booker

    Any progress on getting the wireless keyboard to work with RogueTerm? I’d love to play Nethack on with my iPad, but a keyboard would be awesome.

  7. Mark Booker

    I will wait with patience. I’d pay $20 for a version that used the keyboard completely, without hesitation. (I realize that would be a crappy pricing scheme, but it would be SO worth it to me!)

    I’ve been refreshing this page each day since you said that. 🙂

  8. Dirk

    Allright, I played my technical support card, there is currently no way to do this 🙁 I will post an enhancement request and rally some more developers (I’m not the only one who was trying to implement this).

  9. Mark Booker

    That is bad news, but I’m glad you’ll possibly be able to get them to do that at some point. Would you maybe email me if you ever are able to implement it? I promise I’ll do some mini-marketing for you if you do! 🙂

  10. Dirk

    Hmm, last time I tried with iSSH I couldn’t get it work either, but after your comment I rechecked and now it’s working … That probably means there’s some undocumented way to do this and I have to find out.

  11. Mark Booker

    That’s great news. 🙂 Thanks for looking into that and confirming. I wish you luck implementing it, if you can figure out the trick! 🙂

  12. Andreas


    just purchased 1.03 and toyed around with it for a while. I like it a lot so far!
    However, there was one small problem: It gets somewhat confused by the window type:curses option (got a garbled screen while this option was active). Server was NAO, this was the only option I changed in the default nethackrc on NAO.

    Thanks & happy easter!

  13. Andrew

    BT keyboard worked fine for me… Just power it on AFTER you load Rogueterm. Only thing that won’t work are the meta keys, which oddly enough are the only remaining keys onscreen when the BT keyboard is powered on. Works great!

    Best. App. Ever.

  14. Chandler Armstrong

    all the default servers for dcss are currently down, and it isn’t apparent how to add one of the new servers. I tried making a server with name ‘’, but I get a connection refused error, probably because there is no way to supply username/password. How can I add a new connection?

  15. Dirk

    Hi Chandler, I think you did the right thing when adding the new server, but it doesn’t seem to support telnet (which is the only protocol RogueTerm supports), only ssh.

  16. Ian Montbrun

    Hi Dirk, just picked the app today for my iPad 3. Having a problem since it crashes right after startup. It shows DCSS screen and then exits immediately. Any help?

  17. George

    Hello. Your app is no longer in the app store as of 5/7/2014. Do you know where I can obtain it? Thanks.

    1. dirk Post author

      Hi George, there’s no way to obtain it anywhere since it’s not maintained anymore.


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