NetHack 4 on iPhone 4

[update 2014-01-03]
Hi Kevin, sorry, I inadvertently deleted your comment and I can’t comment on this blog anymore 🙁 That’s probably a bug you mentioned, though iNetHack is no longer maintained (by me).

8 thoughts on “NetHack 4 on iPhone 4

  1. Fireninja

    Keep up the good work, dude. I look roguelikes, DCSS being my favorite, and I’ve been quite fond of RogueTerm for that purpose, even if it’s not perfect. Keep up the good work, man.

  2. Akolade

    I am a huge fan of your Nethack port iNethack. After all these years it’s still my most played iPhone game.

    I recently updated to iOS7 and noticed that iNethack gets very slow when you zoom out on the main game screen. Something about the OS update has caused the slowdown obviously.
    I am wondering if you have taken a look with iOS7 or if you are involved in updating the app anymore?

    I have downloaded the source code for the app but am unsure of which one matches the release Appstore version. There seem to be a few versions on Git. I thought I might take a shot at figuring out what is causing the slowdown (though I am no iOS programming expert).
    Is there a posted version of source that matches the AppStore version? I was able to get a few versions compiled and running but none of them seem to quite match the released version.

    Thanks again for the awesome app!

  3. mikey

    Hey Dirk,

    iNethack is also my favourite game and im super sad that since iOS8, iNethack no longer:
    – works 🙁 the app freezes almost as soon as the app is opened
    – exists on the app store :(((((((( at least, i cant find it on the appstore.

    i read that you mentioned that you’re no longer the maintainer of the app, i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the maintainer so I can ask them what’s happening with it?

    failing that, i guess i’ll have to dive into iOS development and try to fix it myself haha.

    <3 thanks for an awesome port 🙂



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