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Check! A simple Task/Todo Manager

In the middle of preparing NetHack for the iPad I felt the need for a simple todo manager. My spiral notebook that I’ve been using for that kind of thing simply didn’t cut it for me anymore, it was too much hassle to move tasks between projects. So I looked online but I didn’t find exactly what I needed, so I made an app for that.

Check! is pretty simple. You can add tasks, and every task can have subtasks, and since a subtask is a task as well it can have subtasks. Repeat until your memory is exhausted.

The tasks on the main screen can serve as categories and important projects, as in the screenshot. This organization has proven to be working quite well for me, but Check! is flexible enough for other models.

There are no due dates and no explicit use of priorities, though you can certainly change the order of tasks to indicate priorities. If you are done with something simply swipe-delete it. In 1.0 you can shake your iPhone/iPod to enter edit mode, in 1.1 (not yet approved) there is a button for that.

If you want to support further iHack* development and/or need a simple task manager download it here. If you want to write a review let me know so I can send you a promo code.

The mythical Apple tablet

I know there’s a chance there won’t even be a tablet, but if the folks at Apple are indeed planning to unveil one at the end of the month, please don’t let it just be an iPhone on steroids. I know it’s very tempting, they are making quite a lot of money with their closed eco system, but please let the tablet OS be open in the same way Mac OS X is, meaning I can run whatever software I choose in whatever way I’ve chosen. The overwhelming factor that let me even contemplate switching to Mac OS X (after a friend started exposing me to it, repeatedly) was that it was essentially a (free)BSD with a nice desktop and all needed drivers preinstalled. I was basically in heaven, and to this day I view it in that way.

That said, even if the new OS is closed like the iPhone OS, the prospect of playing some good old *Hacks on a bigger screen with an efficient UI is so tempting that I feel compelled to port as much and many as I can. The new SlashEM is my first step in that direction, and I’d love to have a playable version by the time the (possibly mythical) tablet gets announced.