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Slash’EM 1.0-b2 for iPhone, based on NetHack iPad Port

I recently started to backport the NetHack iPad codebase to the iPhone with the Slash’EM 0.0.7E7F3 core. The result is Slash’EM 1.0-b2 which is available as beta right now (signup required since some not so public information like device IDs have to be passed around). It’s not a continuation of the Slash’EM beta but a fresh codebase.

The new UI is, like the iPad version, based on my iHack framework. It is inventory centric, letting you access most actions directly from the inventory view, offers context specific actions on a tap on your char (like untrap if traps are adjacent) and offers some shortcuts (e.g. the E-word is always just 2 taps away, no typing whatsoever required).

So all in all I still hope to meet my original timeline for iPhone Slash’EM 🙂

iNetHack Hearse Support in Beta Now

As of this writing iNetHack 1.3-beta2 is being tested, which contains Hearse support and many bugfixes and UI changes. If you are an active iNetHack player and enjoy playing on the bleeding edge (plus dying a lot so to leave lots of bones), head over to the NetHack iPhone project page, sign up for the mailing list and follow the instructions. The more bones the merrier 🙂

iNetHack Beta Testing Program

Update: I’ve setup a google group for beta testing. So if you’re interested just apply there.

There is a new beta around the corner, and I’d like to setup a group of beta testers. Of course the developers among you can test pretty much any time they want, but if you are not a registered developer and you’d like to test upcoming official betas on your device and provide feedback, then please get in touch with me (google AT this

Important: I really need your email, since you will get all the instructions by mail. It’s kind of a closed mailing list.

Update: You will receive your beta mail once there is a stable beta build. This can take a while, from a couple of days to weeks. There are some very nasty crashes that have to be fixed 🙁