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NetHack Mac OS X (cocoa) released

Get the latest dist here:
NetHack Mac OS X

The source code has been moved to github:
NetHack Mac OS X

I fixed the “forced wizard mode” and XP and turn indicator should now be visible at all times. I also changed the whole source layout to a more NetHack-like one (including the fact that you have have to bootstrap it). There were tags mishaps (0.3 and 0.2 are merely approximate) but anything else went ok.

Please input any issues you find at the known location.

Have fun!

NetHack 3.4.3 ported to Mac OS X (Cocoa-Port)

There’s nothing more satisfying (ok, at least not that much) to leisurely do on a Sunday than release some nice piece of software, and here it is:

NetHack 3.4.3 native Mac OS X (10.6) Port (Latest .dmg)

More information:

Some weeks ago Bryce Cogswell contacted me about that neglected project of mine, nethack-cocoa, offering his help. It was in a very sorry state (I think had given up in the middle of getting it to draw) So I refreshed it to the current iHack base framework (which I had been creating for the Slash’EM iphone beta and refining for the NetHack ipad port) and handed it over, bare naked as it was. The result now has version 0.2 and you can download and play it.

It’s currently 32-bit only, iHack currrently relies on pointers that size.